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EVENT: AMR Awareness Australian Mission

25 Jan 2023

Join the Australian premiere of the documentary “Salt in my Soul”. After the screening, we invite you to an interactive Q&A with thought-provoking speakers to address the ultimate question:
Why is AMR not solved yet, and what needs to happen?

When bacteria (and other bugs) no longer respond to the medicine that once treated them – it’s called antimicrobial resistance (or AMR, for short). And it’s killing nearly 1.3 million people every year. Bacteria are building resistance to existing antibiotics faster than new antibiotics are entering the market and we have already reached a point where not all bacterial infections are treatable anymore.

The Antimicrobial Resistance Australia Mission is bringing together communities around the country to experience an impactful patient journey and to hear about some of the successes so far in solving AMR. Each local event will feature a screening of the “Salt in my Soul- an Unfinished Life” documentary. This thought-provoking, internationally acclaimed documentary will make you laugh, make you cry and will give you a new perspective on chronic, sometimes invisible illness and the preciousness of life. Audiences will hear from (and ask questions of) local superbug experts working on the cutting edge AMR solutions of tomorrow.

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