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Welcome to Lixa

It's our mission to resolve recurring microbial infections and contaminations.

For anyone, anything and anywhere.


Together we move to a healthier future

Imagine a world without effective antimicrobials or antibiotics. 


Antimicrobial resistance (or AMR for short) happens when harmful microbes develop the ability to survive antimicrobials such as antibiotics.

Lixa reinvents anti-infection treatments by recognising that bacteria live in colonies protected by a shield, called a biofilm. This biofilm is impenetrable to antibiotics or the immune system. 


We are developing an easily applicable, scalable and feasible technology platform, called NeoX™, that has the ability to break down the biofilm and turn the antimicrobial struggle in our favour.

Why antibiofilm technology is the key to world health

Biofilms are gooey substances that act as protective barriers around bacteria, making them up to 1000 times more resistant to antibiotics, antimicrobials, and disinfectants.


Imagine being able to dissolve the biofilm and make bacteria vulnerable again.


That’s the power of NeoX, our antibiofilm technology.


Lixa is focused on developing world-wide and cross-sector scalable antibiofilm technologies that :

  • Prevent the formation of bacterial biofilm colonies

  • Break down established biofilms, leaving bacteria unprotected and unattached

  • Target the basic integrity of biofilms for broad applicability and reliability

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"AMR needs to be solved by combining multiple different technologies and expertise. 


We must provide solutions that can be applied in any country and animal husbandry environment because AMR is a multi-faceted problem.


The Lixa technology is compatible with existing antimicrobials and is expected to be scalable regardless of economic environments and living standards.


Together we can make this world a better place.  


With Lixa, now we can."

Dr Maud Eijkenboom

CEO, Lixa 

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