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NeoX, bringing the
good fight to bacteria

NeoX™ is Lixa's potent antibiofilm platform technology.

It prevents biofilms from forming and breaks down existing biofilm formations. NeoX™ clears the way for antimicrobials to reach unprotected bacteria.

Screenshot 2022-08-24 115500.png

aims to provide solutions for persistant and resistant infections

How NeoX™ can rescue antimicrobials from AMR

Within the human and animal antimicrobial market, biofilm disruption therapies, such as NeoX, are expected to break the ongoing cycle of antimicrobial resistance by dismantling the biofilm. This enables existing or new antibiotics to clear otherwise persistent bacterial infections. 


NeoX,  includes a proprietary, non-antibiotic, small antibiofilm molecule that disrupts both long-standing and immature bacterial biofilms. Promising results to date suggest that NeoX is scalable across multiple different infections and contaminations, and is compatible with other antimicrobials (including bacteriostatic and bactericidal).


The lead development candidate, NeoX-101, is in preparation to enter clinical development.

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